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Floating House

  • Floating Restaurant

    Floating Restaurant Floating House is mainly made of plastic floating pontoons, steel joint bearing parts, anticorrosive wood and other materials! Suitable for inland lakes, reservoirs and river basins with steady flow. Especially suitable for scenic spots, resorts and other...

  • Floating Pontoon Platforms for House

    Floating Pontoon Platforms For House Floating House are used Used for living when traveling. After the float on the water surface and fix it. We will spread the boards on the pontoon, and some steel will be used in the process to ensure ultimate stability.

  • Pontoons for Floating House

    Pontoons For Floating House In this project, The float supports the whole building under the action of buoyancy, Contains a variety of wood and some small steel building materials, simple living supplies. These can all be placed directly in the float house. What is certain is...

  • Floating House Platform

    Floating house platform Since the heavy engineering project needs to be built on the top, the float only serves as the foundation for support, so the float will drop more than before, which is normal. Only the boards need to be separated from the water surface, so the...

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