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Floating Bridge

  • Floating Pontoon Bridge

    Floating Pontoon Bridge With the development of science and technology and the demand of people's leisure and entertainment, floating bridge emerges as the times require. The main body of the floating bridge, called the pontoon, is made of macromolecular polyethylene...

  • Plastic HDPE Floating Pontoon Bridge

    Plastic Hdpe Floating Pontoon Bridge It stretches back and forth like a bridge for people to use, usually between 1.5 and 4 meters wide. There are handrail on both sides of the pontoon bridge to ensure safe walking. In the color selection, the railings are white and brown, In...

  • Plastic Floating Bridge

    Plastic Floating Bridge The float is a new product. It is widely used in tourism industry and brings convenience to people's walking

  • Plastic Bridge

    Plastic bridge As the name implies, pontoon bridge and bridge are the same function, connecting both sides of the road. It's just that the bottom is completely in contact with the water.

  • Floating Bridge Float Platform

    Floating Bridge Float Platform The pontoon bridge is generally flat and long.

  • Plastic Pontoon Bridge Floating Docks

    Plastic Pontoon Bridge Floating Docks The float is resistant to corrosion and high temperature. Strong acid and alkali resistant. Even in windy conditions, pontoon Bridges can be fixed with equipment to make them more comfortable to walk on.

  • Floating Walkway

    Floating Walkway We guarantee that every set of equipment is a product of careful design. Ensuring customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

  • Pontoon Walkway

    Pontoon Walkway Float is a project different from traditional construction. It has the characteristics of convenient transportation, fast installation, anti-corrosion, anti-strong acid and alkali, anti-wind and wave. It is widely used in places such as tourism and amusement...

  • Modular Floating Walkways

    Modular Floating Walkways The shelf life of the float is 15 years. In addition to man-made damage, quality stability can be ensured in this area.

  • Conventional Floating Walkway

    Conventional Floating Walkway Pontoon Bridges and pontoon platforms are almost the same in terms of materials required, only the difference in use. Because of the narrow width, it is usually necessary to set the railing on both sides. Choose 1.2m or 1m railings as needed....

  • Floating and Pontoon Walkway

    Floating And Pontoon Walkway In the maintenance of the float, it is necessary to pay attention not to touch the cigarette end, pay attention to fire prevention. To avoid damage to the buoy itself.

  • Water Floating Bridge

    Water Floating Bridge The pontoon bridge is usually 2 to 5 meters in length and can be built on board to make the whole more beautiful and to pass small cars.

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